Nourishing Worthiness
Nourishing Worthiness
Nourish and protect our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves

If I’ve learned anything, it is that I am brave, and you can be too.
- Rachelle Niemann


Promoting a shift from mental illness
to mental wellness.



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The Unbind the Heart blog is a place of storytelling, lessons learned, and great tools to promote and improve mental wellness.



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“You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort,
but you cannot choose both.”
Brené Brown



I don't want to get all scienc-y on this site, mostly because I have no business doing that. I'm not here to tell you the ABC association of whatever says that x million people suffer from this too, and the definition of anxiety is x, y, and, z...that never meant anything of significance to me. In fact, I'm not even part of that one from that association called me up to ask me if I suffer from high anxiety and low self-worth.  

What I do want is to offer you personal, raw, and honest experiences: 
I suffer from high anxiety.
I am recovering from low self-worth.
I am realizing that suffering is part of the journey and it is important to stop fighting it.

I am trying to improve. I am improving.
I go to therapy.
I read self-help books.
People like Brene Brown, Kristin Neff, Hal Elrod, Jon Berghoff, Tony Robbins, and you are my heroes.
This is difficult, but it is getting easier.
I have often felt alone in the struggle; however, I have come to realize this is way bigger than me.
I feel better, more balanced, and stronger when I don't feel alone. 
And that is where this site comes in...


I have struggled with very high anxiety and an extremely guarded heart throughout my entire life. My struggles have frustrated me beyond belief, and in the past and currently in certain situations I am nearly nonexistent and very withdrawn, which stops me from being the best version of myself. 

I am learning about being brave and the uncomfortable feelings it provides. I know I have to give in and risk exposure to become my best self and to manage my fear so it does not control my life anymore. 

I am slowly gaining control, getting nearer to being present, and becoming aware of my existence. I want to share with you how awareness and mindfulness, changing daily habits, and a lot of practice can help us open our hearts and exist in our own lives. It's a very lonely life being so disconnected and we don't have to feel or be that way anymore.

We are not alone and need to create communities of support. We need each of our existences in this crazy world, so I encourage you to seek your journey of healing and self-discovery with curiosity rather than fear. Continue to search and find out who you want to be and take actions to live the life you want to live. 

Please see the Blog for more.

Thank you for being here!

I appreciate you!